Custom Saxophone Enhancement
At the next level, the sax is no longer an instrument you play – it becomes physically and emotionally part of you. I can certainly help with the physical part. Emotionally, you’re on your own. [grin] Adjustment and regulation take on a whole new meaning. Subjective words like “feel” come to the fore. Everything from spring tension to key height changes depending on whether you play jazz or legit…

Here’s what we do:
When you make an appointment to come in, I’ll spend some time and just watch you play. This is to evaluate your hands, fingers, and the natural way you tend to push or pull when you operate a key. These things are subconscious, instinctive, natural, and best left for you not to think about consciously. Everyone's hands are different, and though there are some generic key changes that work for almost everyone, your hands need to serve as the model for your horn.

Then comes the magic. I make certain your instrument is in correct adjustment and regulation, and then simply reshape the keys to match your instinctive finger movements.

The result is an instrument that “feels” as natural as breathing. You’re free.

People seem to enjoy that.

My Favorite Mods

I rebuilt the low C and Eb keys on an alto sax for a beginning student who had lost their right hand pinky finger. Fifteen years later, that student is now a respected music teacher.

I frequently move key pearls or spatulas, raise or lower palm keys, or rebuild a key to reside where you reach for it. I’ve also built an easy bridge from C# to Bb on a horn that did not originally have a rocker.

If you want me to, I also install Oleg devices correctly…
Frankly, it’s more fun to make something from scratch.