About Brent's Bench
Brent’s Bench is a frame of yellow pine 2 by 4s topped with 1-inch thick particleboard. It was actually built by Brent in 1991 when the shop he worked for moved locations. Incorporated into the bench is a drawer from the original desk that served as his bench when first he came to Lafayette in 1986 from a job on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The top is finished in polyurethane, while the sides and legs are simply painted with primer and latex paint. The lower ends of the bench are covered in pegboard, which at one time, helped to hold tools.

Mounted on the top along the front edge is a cutting board surface along the front edge and a padded area where the instruments rest while being worked on.

The tool holding racks have undergone evolutionary changes, but the main rack is still the original. The shelves were added in 1994 during a remodeling phase.

Measuring seven feet in length, and 32” across, it required four people to carry it to it's location in the basement of Klaverenga Guitar and Piano Studio, where Brent relocated in July of 2003 when the retailer he was previously working for closed its doors.

After seven years in the basement, the Bench moved to it's new home in October of 2010 - The Shop at 299 S. 4th Street (across from Buckles Feed). The New Shop has more space, better parking and greater efficiency. We hope to serve your needs better and for a very long time from this location. The Bench is still the main focus of activity and information clearing, but it now shares some of the responsibilities with a new bench for case repair as well as a purpose built bench in a metal free area for use with the MDRS ™ Magnetic Dent Removal System for large brass instruments.

Please note the convenient location of the coffee pot, which in fact was the first thing set up when construction began.